This poem on bullying was created in observation of The Pre-Release Book Signing of The Four-Eyed Boy Children’s Book on Saturday, February 8, 2014. The theme of The Four-Eyed Boy is BULLYING and The Catch Phrase created by yours truly Author Ann Marie McKenzie was used to fuel the words of this poem. The Catch Phrase which has become an official cliché for my family and friends is below:


577669_139962096182527_1223754001_n[1] (2)
Bullying is not hot,
For us victims, you got that?
Cool off with this unleashing wrath and cause of fear,
I know somewhere deep down, you must have cared.

How would you feel to be in my position?
Day in, day out, beaten down, humiliated with no option,
Than to end my life, liberate myself from this endless shame,
That you cast on me while you play this game.

I may be different, but I’m just like you.
I feel, I hurt, and I cry too.
You take my pride, my joy, and my esteem,
And leave me feeling, worthless; lower than a human being.

Hey bully, I think your strength is only equal to your gang,
And your day is coming too, what a bang-a-rang.
Somehow though I feel if I can reach you one-a-way,
As there’s a God, I know you have a heart in there I pray.

Bullying is bad, it hurts, and it kills,
One of four persons in school is at the mercy of its wills.
Slow down, stop and think, have a change of heart,
Get out of that destructive circle and be a part,

Of a revolution, of goodness, of love and respect,
Be the start of transformation in a positive aspect.
Hey bullies! Bullying is not hot!
I do hope by God, you got that.

By: Ann Marie McKenzie-Caples
February 2, 2014


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