**Ann Marie McKenzie brings the hot topic of bullying in school in a most dramatic and graphic description in the Four Eyed Boy. The story evoked some strong emotions as you go through the many trials and tribulations of the lead character eleven year-old Roger in the book.
The emotions of fear, timidity and trying to preserve yourself while at the same time coming up with every trick in the book to stay one step ahead of your bullies makes for a really interesting reading.
This book should be circulated in schools as that issue remains at the forefront where many students are still being harassed and are still experiencing that sense of confusion and fear depicted in the book by McKenzie.
Although some of the bullying scenes were at times graphic she stuck to the theme right to its unexpected and satisfying conclusion.
It’s really a good read and a worthwhile investment in your child’s reading library. 5 Star
CECELIA CAMPBELL-LIVINGSTON, Entertainment Journalist, The Jamaica Observer Newspaper

**This book is a real true concept of what happens to some new student who are a little different from others, even now this is happening in school. bullying should stop. really great book , loved it.

**I’m a mother of two boys and I recently bought the book and was very pleased. I love the cover! Great imagery; so vivid and real. I used to slide down a hill when I was a kid and reading this book , took me right back to that time. That capture land gang; I think they couldn’t be taught a more suitable lesson. It’s a life changer ahaa; Children will definitely look into themselves when they read this book. Wonderful book and it makes a great gift for your children.

**This book is an excellent read. Love the theme. This book highlights the issue of bullying which is a huge problem in our society today. I love the way the author presents the story and the unexpected ending. I was literally glued to the book to the end. could not put it down. Great read for kids and adults alike!

**By J. A. Marks on March 8, 2014
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
Ms. Mckenzie captures your attention and emotions in this beautifully written story for the whole family. She brings awareness to the effects of bullying and inspires children and their parents to stand up to its effects in our communities. Beautifully written by a talented author who will certainly continue to inspire many! Absolutely great purchase!

**By Toreyy on March 18, 2014
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
Roger moves to a new school and is terrorized by the school bullies – fate has other things in store for them, though. Roger exemplifies the qualities of intelligence and caring and is a worthy hero of this short chapter book for mid and upper elementary students. Great writing by a talented new author!

**Hearty congratulations to you on this major accomplishment and for bringing such great awareness of bullying as well as portraying our Jamaican culture in such a meaningful and creative way.


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