The Four-Eyed Boy’ emerges from the genre for middle readers is an inspiring and heartrending story about an eleven year-old boy and his experience with BULLYING. Enthralled with amazing discoveries and surprising twists; the book in its entirety is sure to keep you on a heart drumming suspense.

The theme focus is on BULLYING. The author’s objective is to influence a positive change of heart, mind and attitude in everyone, especially our children. Bullying has been an age-old issue and it’s no respecter of persons, especially to the individuals who are different in some way, so its effects severely contribute to depression, misery, worthlessness and sometimes even death to its victims.

Roger’s ordeal brought out his true worth: strength, decency, smarts and at the same time revealing his fairness and good heart toward those who hurt and humiliated him. In return his action made him triumphant overall as he didn’t only win but also created a positive change of action in the minds and hearts of his abusers.
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