Photo: Olan Mills Photography

Freelance Writer, Author, Poet, Illustrator, and Designer Ann Marie McKenzie, brings out a compelling story of the coarsest reality of bullying to its depth, in this poignant and impacting first children’s book.

Born in rustic Jamaica, Ann Marie lived most of her life in May Pen and sets her writing tone on the island. She has been writing and sketching since primary school and landed her first job as a Reporter with the local newspaper, ‘The Town Cry’. She has one child, Tiffany and has raised two others. Ann Marie has a Diploma in Freelance Writing and formerly worked as a Newspaper Correspondent.

In 1992 her first written romance story entitled: “Love Wrangling” was published in the local newspaper and was featured in chapters bi-weekly. Among her numerous job experiences Ann Marie has worked as a Claims Analyst, Secretary, Payroll Clerk, Cashier, Store Clerk and Fashion consultant and Designer. She writes daily, workout and jogs often, and enjoys playing Tennis.


The Jamaican Flag

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