Roger was the bright and decent eleven year-old new boy at Four Paths Primary School. He wore a hideous pair of eyeglasses which made him the subject of abuse, and was immediately nicknamed the ‘Four-Eyed Freak’ by the mischievous Capture Land Gang at the school. Coming from an upscale city life and private school, Roger was not prepared for the coarse reality at four Paths.

He met the friendly and jovial Ben who liked Roger and invited him to his secret play house in the woods. The play area was amazing and Roger was enchanted by its discoveries, natural beauty, and privacy, but not even peace and safety lasted when the cunning and mischievous Bentley led Capture Land attacks.

Little did they know, fate had its plan and Roger finally got his revenge. The favor was returned but in an unusual manner that changed the lives of the Capture Land boys for good.


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