Children’s Book
(Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Bullying.)
By: Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC

‘THE FOUR-EYED BOY’, was created from the genre for middle readers between 6-15 years-old. The book is a juvenile fiction with bullying as its theme.The tone is sparked with mischief, melancholy and discovery, and is sure to create an impact on the reader. The author’s objective is to influence a positive change of heart, mind and attitude in everyone especially our children.

The characters, background, setting and tone emerged from out of the island of Jamaica. The story is inspiring, heartrending, and is bitter-sweet. Enthralled with amazing discoveries and surprising twists. The book is an incredible gift or bed time story for any age.

RETAIL: PAPERBACK $9.99, SPECIAL EDITION HARDCOVERS $19.99 (only available at book signings), E/BOOK CARDS & AUDIO BOOKS $7.99.

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About The Story
The tale is about a kind-hearted city boy, who migrated from his comfortable lifestyle and preparatory school to attend a public school in a rural part of the island due to unusual circumstances. There he encountered an unexpected period of the worse type of bullying ever. How he dealt with it? How he survived it? The unusual outcome? Did fate play a part?
The book is simply “unputdownable” says young scientist Tiffany Thompson.

Roger was the bright and decent eleven year-old new boy at Four Paths Primary School. He was from out-of-town and wore a hideous tested eye glasses which made him the subject of ridicule and abuse. He was immediately nicknamed the ‘Four Eyed Freak’ by the mischievous ‘Capture Land Gang’ at the school.
Coming from an upscale city life and private school, Roger was not prepared for the coarse reality at Four Paths Primary. He met the friendly and jovial Ben in class who immediately liked Roger and invited him to his secret play house in the woods.

The play house was amazing and Roger was enchanted by its discoveries, natural beauty and privacy, but not even peace and safety lasted as the cunning and mischievous Bentley led Capture Land Gang attacks. Little did they know, fate had its plans and Roger finally got his revenge. The favor was returned but in unusual manner that changed the lives of the Capture Land boys for good.

The Author created a Catch-Phrase that goes well with the theme of the book. It is cool to recite and easy to memorize if you or someone you know was ever a victim of this type of abuse.

Several T-Shirts (picture depicted below) will be given away to kids and adults who are able to answer facts about the book, at the Pre-Release and Release book signings, among other cool souvenirs such as bookmarks, pictures, postcards etc. There ‘ll be Live video, interviews, prizes and surprises ALL ARE INVITED!!


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