What fans are saying about the Book

Cecelia Campbell-Livingston: thumbnail[3]

Mark McKenzie: Greatness! True Writer, Reporter from Town Cry Newspaper days…You gave me my first Artiste write up, never forget.

Tam’ra-Kay Francis: beautiful.

Tissone Campbell: Good job on drawing. Wishing you all the best with your new book. One love! @Auntie Ann McKenzie
February 9 at 9:34pm

Joan Shepherd
So proud of my batch mate. So can I add author to your portfolio?

Gracieshanti Davis Quooliesha: I am really proud of u and tiffany! Continue the good work! Love and miss u guys

Mark Mckenzie: I remember when I used to slide down marl hill; it was pure fun, lol.

Pat Brown: Brilliant

Tiffany Thompson: Congrats Tate you pulled it off…lovely book cover.
Like • Reply • May 26 at 12:20am

Mark Mckenzie: Congrats sis impressive artwork.
March 4 at 11:15pm
March 10 at 6:13pm • Like

Tissone Campbell: I am so much in love with this Artwork. Fantastic job!! Ann McKenzie
March 17 at 7:27pm • Like

Mikhail Miller: I know this book be will a tool of inspiration for a lot of people. I am looking forward to it’s release!!!

Arlene Yates: awesome…nice work!
May 24 at 6:31am • Like

Like • Reply • May 25 at 11:55pm

Kenamar Johnson: I know bullying sucks. Bullying is not hot! Got that? Yall
Like • Reply • May 26 at 12:49am

Anthony Campbell: Nice! I love it.
Like • Reply • May 26 at 1:21am via mobile

Leon Davis: nice Michael told me u got it back already (cover) congratulations.
Like • Reply • May 26 at 7:01am

Arlene Yates Brilliant…I love this cover. It’s a winner.
Like • Reply • May

Leroy Smith: I sure can relate to this Ann. I remember when me my 2 brother and my cousin Nancy( who is a boy) used to slide down a hill
not much different from this one on a coconut frown (buncka) as we used to call it then. We use to have so much fun. I like this cover
Like • Reply • 1 • Friday at 5:58am

Leroy Smith: We were in the country Moores that is when school was out for the summer we would go spend time with the grand-parents. Man u just stir up some gooooooood memories thanks girl love this.

Ann McKenzie: We all want to be happy and accepted regardless of our appearance and our imperfections. In today’s world the plague called bullying is cruel and strong and raging. So The Four-Eyed Boy children’s book has created a theme slogan that we are using to help create awareness about the dangers of bullying. Please help us keep our Theme SLOGAN alive and like this post if you think this message will make a difference.


Mark Byng: Beautifully done I love it as well as my son….

Danette Mahabeer: cant wait for this book to cum out yay

Like · Reply · 1 · May 27 at 10:48am

Ann McKenzie: COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Watch out peeps!!!

Like · · May 26 at 12:57pm near Nashville

Ann McKenzie: The cover is lively, authentic, vibrant, organic…you name it, love it!!!!!!!!

Like · · May 26 at 12:57pm near Nashville

Arlene Yates: Wow! This is awesome, book cover reminds me of my childhood days.

Like · · May 26 at 10:43am

Kenamar Johnson: This book is going forward.

Like · · May 26 at 12:45am

Tiffany Thompson Congrats Mom on such a beautiful and lively book cover…I love it…Tate, Mommy we nailed it!!!!!

Like · · May 26 at 12:22am

Claudia P Shakespeare likes this..
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Mark Mckenzie: Beautiful cover, love it baad…Big up Four Eyed Boy, the greatest and most inspiring children’s book about changing the cruel face of BULLYING in this time…Congratulations nn Marie, you have done a great job…great mind…incredible writer.

Like · · May 25 at 11:53pm

Tiffany Thompson
Dear Friends, The Four-Eyed Boy is almost here. The book is soon to be released, so please go and LIKE the PAGE, thanks guys.
Like · · May 25 at 8:51pm

Novlette Smith-Neely
Big up! The Four Eyed Boy Children’s Book, waiting for your arrival!!!!

Like · · May 24 at 11:57am

Arlene Yates
When you can impart positive and life changing experience to kids, you are correcting the future and that’s what this book is all about. It’s winner, can’t wait on its release.

3 Likes · · May 24 at 6:29am

Ann McKenzie
The Four-Eyed Boy is about bullying. If you or someone you know was bullied LIKE our SLOGAN below:


Claudia P Shakespeare likes this..

Mason Caples You have forgotten to put the hot.

Like · · April 30 at 7:30am

Ann McKenzie: Are the images of these two boys from The Four-Eyed Boy children’s book susceptible to bullying?


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